Sunday, 25 March 2018


London in bloom...

Spring was always my favourite season growing up as it was when my birthday fell when I lived in Australia. I adore all manner of beautiful blooms and the soft sunlight before it develops into a scorcher of a summer down under. Can't say I still have exactly the same seasonal preference now that in the UK, September is autumn time and the spring time here has triggered an annual battle with hayfever that I never used to suffer from. Still I can't deny how happy colourful flowers make me, even if most of them are of the fake variety right now. I'm hoping the real blossoms start to pop up soon because it truly has started to feel like spring these past few days... case in point: I was actually able to get my ankles out!

Moving on from the significant moment I was able to wear loafers instead of boots and continuing up this outfit... I first spotted this jumper on Georgia of Glameramo's instagram, thinking it was the infamous Ganni one only to check that she'd tagged it as Urban Outfitters. I've been coveting a pink Ganni jumper for over a year now and whilst I most often don't have any qualms about splurging on an item of clothing, I just couldn't justify the designer price point for a jumper that had so many "holes" in it. Sure my ACNE Rhira was probably the best jumper purchase I've ever made considering how much I'd gotten the cost per wear down and how cozy it is, but if I'm shelling out for a mohair jumper (which both of them are), I'd prefer for it to actually keep me warm sans breezy bits throughout the body. Regardless I definitely love the look of the pointelle knit and balloon sleeves, it's a piece that instantly takes a pair of jeans from casual to chic and I've been all about that jumper and jeans life lately.


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