Sunday, 18 March 2018


Somewhere over the rainbow...

As soon as I heard that there was a new The Shape of Water mural in London, I had to hunt it down. Lucky for me, it was quite difficult to miss as the mural is rather huge, stencilled and spray painted by hand by The GraffitiKings (there's a video of the whole process over on their twitter), on the side of a several storey building located in Shoreditch. I'm stoked to have managed to get some outfit shots in front of it too. This was just a comfy outfit I wore for a day of errands that transitioned nicely for a gig later that night too. I'm well aware that I've worn nothing but a variation of jumpers and jeans lately, perhaps due to the fact that I have been quite uninspired fashion-wise but combined with a more hectic lifestyle it's ultimately just easy and lazy dressing. Still there have been so many unique jumpers, both high street and designer, popping up that makes it difficult for me to justify not collecting them all, and jeans are the perfect accompaniment as they won't steal their thunder. For example, I already have an embarrassing amount of rainbow striped jumpers in my wardrobe but this Lazy Oaf one still made it's home there one way or another. I love the oversized fit and chunky collar on this one, something that sets it apart from the rest of it's closet competitors. 

I haven't been able to shoot as much as I'd like since I've gotten back from Dublin as I've been recovering from a rather long-lasting flu. I feel like I've caught it way too many times in the past year but it's been so hard to avoid with all of my housemates being sick as well. Regardless I really have to persevere with building my immune system back up with a healthier lifestyle coz your gal just can't take anymore colds or fevers. I think this spell of illness has also contributed to my lazy dressing phase. Anyway I've been making an effort to rest at home as much as I can this week so I'm able to be back on my feet for the next, and a few nights ago I decided to watch the film Annihilation which has just been released on Netflix and my gosh, it was uhhhhhh-mazing. I can't pass mentioning it on here because I've literally been thinking about it non-stop since I saw it. The film was a literal mindf*ck with such a thought-provoking storyline, gorgeous cinematography and an awesome all female lead cast. If you like your sci-fi/horror, or just a movie that will make you think, I'd highly recommend this one.     

Lazy Oaf jumper (currently sold out but similar) / ASOS jeans / Nike trainers / Gucci bag


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