Wednesday, 9 May 2018


I've been obsessed with the whole "girls in suits" idea for a while now. There's just something immensely satisfying about turning the gender stereotype on its head and though Evan Rachel Wood's declaration to wear a suit to every single awards show has definitely added fuel to the fire, it wasn't until I tried on this mustard velvet two piece in Topshop, did I finally find the one for me. It fit so perfectly which gave me the confidence to try out this whole new look. I'd originally bought it with the plan to wear it to a nighttime event with heels instead of a dress but had the chance to style it up for the day recently so decided to go for the suit and sneakers combo. After adding an old Zara plunge neck bodysuit into the mix, I realised that this outfit might not look too out of place on Harry Styles... which although considered an unlikely style inspiration for me, is not entirely a bad thing.


Topshop blazer and trousers / Zara bodysuit / Stan Smiths


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