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Is there anything more effortlessly 60s it-girl than a puff sleeved polka dot top and blue mom jeans because I think I missed a call from Lana Del Rey and she probably wants her outfit back. I've been experimenting with different silhouettes lately plus a more minimalistic style and coming across this structured Topshop crop immediately had me envisaging this retro look, pink hi-tops included. If only the matching pink bicycle was actually mine, I would've rode off the the nearest icecream parlour to complete the aesthetic. Also a sleek beehive would have been the perfect hairdo for this look but alas I have not been blessed with the hair god's talents and the only styles I can do are pretty much straight, curly, or simple braids. Furthermore, I've found it a little harder to style a wig than my own hair. Yes this pink is a wig. I'm surprised that a lot of you actually thought it was my real hair seeing as I mentioned it when I first started wearing wigs back in December but I understand not everyone would have read that post and it's only a testament to this wig (and I'd like to think my application skills but let's not toot my own horn). Seeing as I've worn wigs regularly (not counting my cosplay ones) for a good few months now, I thought I'd finally talk more about them today: which ones I use, how I apply them, and just how my experience with them has been in general.

The pink and silver wigs I have worn the most are from Mood Hair Inc. They're real human hair with a full lace edge around the circumference meaning you could wear your hair up if you wanted to. I've had quite a lot of practice applying wigs for my cosplays but the main difference in this instance is that they're not part of a costume, meaning I wanted them to look like it was my actual hair and as realistic as possible. I've personally found human hair to suit me better than synthetic hair as it's texture is a lot fluffier and coarser, much more akin to what my real hair looks like. That's not saying that synthetic hair won't look real though, I've seen so many amazing wigs and if you shake a little bit of mattifying or texturising powder onto one, it will definitely help mask the plasticky shine. Also I think a lot of people have silky, healthy hair (unlike me) in real life so a synthetic wig would probably not look far off from your own! Anyway, I really rate the Mood Hair Inc wigs because they have a full lace all around and it really does a good job and impersonating a real hair line. You really won't be able to notice the wig edge unless you go right up to someone's face and scrutinise their hair line which let's face it, no one's gonna do in a day to day environment. So far in real life, no one has clocked that I'm wearing a wig and instead I've gotten countless compliments on my hair, so I don't think there's any need to worry (though I'm the type of person who really doesn't care if people know I'm wearing a wig, I'm just saying it's highly undetectable). The two "Moods" I own also sit really comfortably on the head with a stretchy inside cap thing (I don't know the technical term) so I've found that they stay in place well with just the combs and I don't have to glue the lace down. However, if you're planning on moving around loads ie. dancing/whipping your hair back and forth, I'd recommend sticking down the lace with some gel or wig glue. As these are made from real human hair, you can style them with heat tools as you would treat your real hair, I've tried straightening and curling them as usual but haven't really mastered braiding as much seeing as the wig hair is much silkier than my own hair, it tends to slip out of style really easily and I don't really want to be overloading it with too much hairspray.

Wearing wigs for a couple of months has been liberating to say the least. I no longer had to worry about scheduling social outings with hair wash days and I could pre-style my "hair" the night before to save time and wake up a little later the next day. All the while, my roots were growing out long and healthy underneath, especially since I didn't use any form heat on my hair for all those months. I initially got started into wearing them for the reason to give my hair a break from too many bleach touch ups, I'd noticed that my already naturally coarse hair was starting to feel too dry and straw-like. Now my natural hair has grown out to the point where I feel confident enough to put it through some more bleach and with the aid of Olaplex, I can report that it feels a lot softer and healthier than my ends. Unfortunately re-dyeing my hair means that I broke one of my goals for 2018 already but it truly is difficult to step away once you've gotten into the habit of having colourful hair. I just don't feel quite like myself without a bright mop, though I will compromise and not be so gung-ho when it comes to tackling regrowth to leave more time for my hair to grow healthily.

Topshop top / ASOS jeans / Converse trainers


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