Sunday, 3 June 2018


No, I did not need another gingham and bardot number in my possession but when I tried on this jumpsuit from Topshop, it was pretty much love at first sight and there was just no way that it wasn't coming home with me. The cheesecloth material is so light and pleasant for these humid days we've been having and I love the cut of it throughout the body, it's super flattering without being tight and restrictive if you know what I mean. I was still on wisteria hunt when we shot this outfit but unfortunately arrived at this location a little too late and all the purple had given way to fresh green foliage (which still looks extremely pretty in my opinion). Kynance Mews is one of my favourite locations to take photos at as its surroundings change with the seasons. It's especially stunning in the autumn, when all the leaves turn red. I've not forgotten about my earlier idea to put together a blog post all about my favourite London locations to photograph, but I want to make it as complete as possible so whilst it's taking a little more time, rest assured it is coming.

Speaking of ideas, I have fallen into an unfortunate rut where it comes to my blog and YouTube channel. I think it's a combination of the muggy weather we've been having (I know most people love the heat but I really do struggle to get through a regular day when I'm sweating buckets and getting migraines) and the fact that work has been quite busy so I feel like during the fleeting moments I do have time to write or shoot, I don't have enough headspace for it. Anyway I'm not going to apologise since I still consider this to be a hobby more than a job but it just feels a bit strange when I've usually been so consistent with posting content. The other thing is that since the blogging world has continued to develop, I've been putting in a lot more effort into my photos, writing and social media (I've really been working hard on my instagram especially) which in turn takes up a lot more of my time so I'm still trying to balance that with my personal life. Anyway I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself because most importantly I want to enjoy doing this, whilst only posting content that I'm absolutely proud of. I'm sure I'll be rid of this creative block soon, it does tend to come and go.

Topshop jumpsuit / Shrimps bag / Miu Miu flats


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