Sunday, 24 June 2018


Much more recently I've truly started to appreciate the power of accessories. It's safe to say my sense of style has evolved quite a bit since my first blogging days of vintage dresses and never being caught dead in jeans. I used to be the type of girl who'd simply forget to throw on a ring even if I had set it out on my bedside table prior. Nowadays I'm often inspired by a more classic look (call it growing older or blame it on the Scandinavians) so the effective touch of a bit of jewellery or a statement bag is not lost on me. I'm still quite guilty of forgetting accessories before I leave the house though (haven't quite shaken the habit) so I've discovered the middle ground is to invest in a couple of solid pieces that will go with plenty of different outfits, making sure I can wear them every day. Gold jewellery was the first stepping stone for me. It's funny because I was definitely a silver only kind of gal back in the day but now I find that gold exudes a grown up elegance that I sometimes need to feel more put together in the mornings. Currently I have four gold necklaces in varying lengths to switch between depending on the neckline of the top/dress I'm wearing and I can also layer them up if the mood arises. For rings, I prefer daintier designs as I find the chunkier ones get in the way of typing or playing the piano. Most of mine are from Regal Rose, who do beautiful and unique designs in 18k gold plated sterling silver, which in my opinion, offers the perfect medium in terms of price and the bands not tarnishing. 

It's no secret that hand held bags are all the rage at the moment. Personally they're quite a departure for me, who's always loved a good crossbody. Perhaps I initially thought that they weren't the most practical design, and associated them with the stereotypically posh posture of carrying a Birkin bag in the crook of one's arm. After dipping my toes (or should I say fingers in this case) in the trend, I have to admit that I've been converted. I now quite enjoy the feeling of not having any straps dig into my shoulders and surprisingly all the bucket/basket bags I own fit a substantial amount in them which I didn't expect due to their rigid shapes. I reckon the fact that they are structured also means that you can clearly see down into your bag and it's a lot easier to find items without having to fish around for a good ten minutes every time if you know what I mean.

Topshop blouse / Topshop jeans / ASOS belt / Staud bag / Gucci loafers / Missoma x Lucy Williams necklace


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