Sunday, 8 July 2018


Truth be told, summer has always been my least favourite season. 

"Oh you must be used to the heat, growing up in Australia and Singapore." People always say. Well no actually, I really dislike the heat and I just suffer through it. It makes me more prone to migraines and I feel exhausted 24/7. Unfortunately I'm also the type of person that sweats a lot. TMI but it's annoying when my makeup melts off as soon as I step out the house and the moisture around my hairline and neck means that my hair develops a life of its own. I've come to accept that the summertime will never be a pleasant experience for me and I honestly do feel completely in the minority when others keep banging on about how lovely the weather is (erm wot u on about, this is torture, mate). I feel like I'm also 50% less productive during a heatwave... hence why I skipped my weekly post schedule last Sunday and why I'm now writing about my summer woes. Not only because I cannot think of anything else to talk about, but combined with the fact that my mind just constantly fixates on the thought of how much more fun I would be having if it weren't so gosh darn hot. 

Basically that's a bit of context behind my relationship with summer for ya, and now moaning aside, the thing I want to chat about specifically is how I always hit a roadblock in terms of creativity and style over this season. Fashion doesn't feel as fun without the layering aspect. The weather makes me lazy af and want to just throw on a loose dress (much comfort) every time I have to leave the house but this tends to sacrifice a lot of my favourite opportunities for self expression and most times I don't feel very "me". To solve this I have gravitated towards colourful printed dresses that could make more of a statement on their own.  I'm personally not comfortable with flashing too much flesh even as the temperature rises and although bardot dresses are some of my favourite silhouettes in general, my shoulders do tend to burn first so if it's super sunny, I will cover them up. My closet has gradually been filling up with wrap dresses for the past year and it's showing no signs of slowing down. They're definitely my go-to style for summer dresses, when I'm not trying to hide a food baby under a smock, it's nice to be able to adjust a tie waist. This pink one from & Other Stories is in a really comfortable and flattering heavyweight jersey that doesn't flap open in the breeze. A contrasting shoe against a daintier dress has always been my preferred choice. These Valentino flats have seen me through over five summers now, adding a tiny touch of rock'n'roll to any feminine ensemble. I'm thinking of how nice it would be to get back into vintage shopping again, actually. Without dwelling on the fact that many shops in London feel like human ovens nowadays, the outcome of a successful vintage shop is always a wonderful feeling and I love finding one of a kind dresses for the summertime.

I'm not sure if I've technically "found" my summer style or so to speak, but I know this is how I've really been enjoying dressing to beat the heat. In the midst of all this summer glorification, it's okay to feel like you haven't got your sh*t together and you don't have to wear all the latest trends that keep popping up on the influencers on your feed. For example, if you don't feel comfortable baring your pins in shorts and minis, than go for the bermudas or flowing midis. 
Dress for yourself only and don't view what the fashion industry tries to feed you as completely cookie cutter. Let it inspire you with fresh ideas instead of dictate you. This way of thought will seriously put a spring in your step, and if you're anything like me, it will help make the summer feel more bearable. For what better way to build confidence then when you feel completely comfortable and awesome in your outfit. Summer style is about a new season to try out new things, and nothing about showing more skin. 

If you feel like you're the only one left completely uninspired because of the weather, here's proof that you're not. We'll get through this heatwave together.

Other Stories dress / Valentino shoes / Shrimps bag

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