Sunday, 26 August 2018


It's been a while since I last visited Kew Gardens but every time I return, it's like the magic never wears off. If you've never been, Kew is basically a large botanical garden in southwest London (close to Richmond) that's home to over 30 000 plant species. It feels like such an oasis in the heart of the city and like stepping into a different world. One of my favourite attractions here is the Palm House, a large Victorian glasshouse acclimatised to grow all manner of tropical and subtropical greenery. Last time I shot a couple of photos downstairs so I thought I'd attempt to find some new angles on the upper floor, completely forgetting that an enclosed all-glass building in the middle of summer is naturally going to get very hot and humid. So much so that my camera lens kept fogging up every thirty seconds and my curls dropped in half that time. But I'm pleased with these shots we got! The winding spiral staircase to the top viewing platform is just so pretty, and surrounded by the towering palms, makes me feel like I'm climbing my way to a wonderland that perhaps someone like Alice could get lost in. Wearing an old Topshop dress and my trusty rose gold ASOS heels.


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