Monday, 1 January 2018

18 GOALS FOR 2018

Happy New Year you lovely lot! Hope you're not too hungover from last night (at least that you're still able to read this hehe). Apologies for the lack of New Year's Eve dress inspo posts last year (that feels weird to say as it was only yesterday), I skipped any form of NYE festivities because of the ultra glamorous reason that I actually quite badly dislocated my knee last month and was in a wheelchair for the earlier half of it and am now still hobbling around on crutches. Despite obviously being out of action for quite some time, I don't think anyone who didn't see me in real life would have had any inkling before this as I didn't mention the accident anywhere on social media nor did I take any photos from the waist down since I came back from Germany. Take this as a good example that you should never compare your lives to someone else's (especially not a blogger's/influencer's) instagram feed as people really do filter out the "not so pretty" moments. Anyway I think the best way to start the new year is with some fresh goals for the future so without further adieu here are 18 of mine for 2018...

ASOS vinyl trench coat / Topshop pierced tee / ASOS trousers / Topshop x Stranger Things cap / Gucci bag / ASOS boots

1. Stop dying my hair
Yes ok this may come as a shock to y'all but I've been growing out my roots this winter as over two years of constant re-bleaching has left me with a tonne of breakage. People weren't lying when they said bleach is addictive and I'm suffering from a terrible case of itchy fingers trying to leave my hair alone. Maybe when I get my hair back to an acceptable state I'll consider going back to the fantasy dyes.

2. Master wigs
Going hand in hand with my first goal, I'm not exactly ready to leave my fantasy coloured locks behind so I've been playing around with wigs (especially whilst it's still colder in the winter) and I reckon they are a good way for me to continue the colours without damaging my hair and allowing the time for my natural hair to rest and grow. I'm relatively new to the world of wigs outside of cosplay but I've found some lace front ones that look quite realistic so I'm hoping to fine-tune my application skills so I can wear them more often.

3. Meet Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones & Guillermo Del Toro
Three people I haven't met before and they are responsible for my new favourite film The Shape of Water so I really want to meet them and tell them how much of an impact their work has had on me. Also if there's time I want to show them that I was the girl behind the first Elisa cosplay that they noticed on twitter (maybe just maybe they'll remember my moon face?), and I guess it'll be another goal for me not to cry in front of them hehe.

4. Expand my blog
I'm definitely nowhere near becoming a full-time blogger so that won't be a realistic goal for 2018 but I want to take steps towards that so I'm going to make my blog the best it's ever been, with more creative and engaging content! I want to brainstorm new ideas for blog posts, further improve my writing and up my photography game. With this hopefully more opportunities will come my way too and I can extend my comfort zone with work and networking.

5. Build a capsule wardrobe
I have to say I'm getting better at not buying into every single trend that surfaces but alas I'm still a magpie when it comes to anything rainbow, glittery, or remotely quirky looking. Don't think there's anything wrong with this but I do want to collect a solid foundation of clothes that I can rely on for basics and to build outfits around that will hopefully lead to the longevity of these core items instead of contributing to fast fashion.

6. Stop watching Game of Thrones
For real this time. I make this resolution almost every year but it does get increasingly harder to avoid when the new season actually rolls around. This year I vow to be strong enough not to watch a single episode of this show for my own mental well-being whilst somehow still support Sophie Turner.

7. Find another TV series to obsess over
With Game of Thrones Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders not due to return to our screens till 2019, I definitely need to find a new show to fill my TV void in 2018. Any suggestions?

8. Join a weekly yoga class
I used to practice yoga at home a lot (loved following Yoga With Adriene on YouTube) but since we moved, our place is significantly smaller and doesn't leave much room to even roll out one mat. I find yoga to be great for calming down, de-stressing and just generally a more relaxed state of mind so I'm looking into signing up for my local class (now if my knee would just fully heal, thank you).

9. Hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube
Even though I'm finding it more and more difficult to grow on different social media platforms, I've really started to enjoy YouTube and get into the mojo of filming. I want to become more comfortable talking to myself in front of the camera, be able to edit a video of myself without cringing once, chat more freely about different topics and upload more frequently.

10. Collaborate with another YouTuber
I think my first time filming with someone else will be a step out of my comfort zone but so much fun! Definitely something I'd like to happen in 2018 so if anyone would like to do a fun video with me, please let me know.

11. Learn Chevaliers de Sangreal on the piano
The Da Vinci Code isn't one of my favourite films but there's something about this soaring score from Hans Zimmer that pulls at my heartstrings. I love this version of it transposed to piano but it is admittedly a little out of my skillset. Perhaps if I keep practising, I can achieve it though because one thing about being self-taught is that you have to keep pushing yourself so you don't get stuck on the same skill level.

12. Listen to others and develop more empathy
I strive to be more attentive and considerate to others. Even though actively listening sounds simple, for me it is actually the hardest type of communication skill, to really hear what others have to say. I hope it will make me a better person too.

13. Experience IAMX live again
My one constant in life and the greatest love of my life. His music heals me. I'm very pleased and excited that this will definitely be happening in March!

14. Up my cosplay game
Three years ago I started cosplaying for the first time and last year I finally felt like a legitimate cosplayer. I've done a fair few now, all of which I'm extremely proud of but this year I want to challenge myself to craft more aspects of costumes to make them more film/TV/book accurate and perhaps this is the year I try pulling off a male cosplay.

15. Travel by myself
My best friend Emily has embarked on many overseas adventures all by herself and this has inspired me to do the same. I've flown by myself many times but have always met up with friends and family at a destination. There's something that seems so scary yet liberating about diving head first into another country and culture without knowing or relying on a single other soul. The thing is this is probably easier imagined than actually executed as being a blogger, I constantly need someone to be taking photos of me... I wonder if I could put that trust in a stranger.

16. Visit the Inception bridge
Its actual name is the Pont de Bir-Hakeim and this has been a goal of mine since the film came out in 2009 but the last time I went to Paris it was a whirlwind trip and I somehow managed to forget. Gahhh. Hopefully this is the year I will get the chance to shoot some photos for the blog at this stunning dream location.

17. Eat healthier
This is always part of everyone's New Year's resolutions. I want to eat healthier without going on diets (which have really had dire consequences on my digestion in the past, I'd never recommend them). I aim to consume sugar more sparingly, cut out more processed foods and intake a whole lot more fruit and veggies! Hopefully this will give me more energy as well as decrease the frequency of the migraines that I often suffer from.

18. Live in the the moment
Mum constantly tells me to believe in the "power of now" and I've always found this easier said then done. I'm a constant worrier simply because I think too much about "what if" and dwell on the past that I'm unable to change anyway. I'm going to make a conscious effort to practice just taking things day by day.

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