Wednesday, 10 January 2018


I most definitely didn't expect to be back in corduroy almost twenty years after my mum dressed me in a flared pair of trousers that I ended up wearing for most of my childhood days but here I am... rocking them in plum dungaree form. Felt extremely nostalgic to say the least. Admittedly the first thing that drew me to this ASOS number were the tie shoulders. The freedom of torso length is something that's often lost with a pair of dungarees so I thought these would be comfortable in that sense, though they do add a nice, unexpected, feminine touch to a stereotypically boyish piece. Styled them with a rainbow jumper underneath because my wardrobe is overflowing with a whole variety of them at the moment. Also these shoulder ties are super secure, I had the sneaking suspicion that they would gradually come undone after a length of time or more so with boisterous movement but this was happily proven wrong.

ASOS dungarees / Mango jumper / Converse trainers / Lolita bag (gift from friend)

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