Sunday, 28 January 2018


After a two month break from taking outfit photos due to my busted knee, I'm back (not that you'd know I was ever gone, I think I scheduled the blog posts pretty well if I say so myself)! What better item of clothing to wear on my first shoot sans crutches than this Leon jumper I received for Christmas. Not only is it super aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, from it's gorgeous blush shade to the cute illustration style on the patches, it's also super warm and comfortable (most predictably due to it's high neck and wool composition) hence why I've been wearing it almost every single day. I even find myself throwing it on with my pyjama pants at home (this is how I know it passes the 'insanely comfortable' test) though the angel on my shoulder constantly nags me to leave it for special occasions where there's less chance I'm going to spill anything on it. On the days when I wear it out the house I've been mainly pairing it with jeans (love how pink looks with light wash denim) and my grey Adidas NMD trainers, which have been a lifesaver for my knee though I decided to change things up here and risk my wellbeing for these sassy af two tone booties.

Shrimps jumper / Topshop jeans / Public Desire boots

I can definitely vouch for them as far as high heeled pointed boots go, these are much more comfortable than I expected and I could even walk down the street in them without doing my knee in. It's an absolute steal for the price too! I love how the pink side kinda melds with the colour of my skin to give an elongating effect to an ankle design that normally cuts me off. I've not seen this split design anywhere else before too, it's quite unexpected and edgy, and Public Desire now do a few different colour ways. I mentioned in my 2018 goals post that I was interested in wearing more wigs in day to day wear and outside my cosplay so my real hair could take a break from constant root upkeep and bleaching. You might remember this silver wig from Christmas and I've really been enjoying returning back to the ice princess vibes (Andini circa early 2017), most likely for the ease and enjoyment that I never have to worry about my hair colour clashing with any of my clothing, something that I know a lot of girls with fantasy hair colours struggle with. If only silver/grey was easier to maintain in real life.

I've also been making more of an effort to make my outfit photos look more interesting even though it's not always plausible to be able to match the clothes you're wearing to your surroundings. As soon as I discover a location I think would be great for a shoot, I take note of it and its exact whereabouts so I can use it in the future depending on the particular aesthetic I'm going for. Although I still have a lot to learn in terms of photography and location scouting, I like to think that my blog photos have improved drastically over the past year. I'm toying with the idea of writing a post specifically about shooting outfit photos outdoors, everything from lighting to location. Would that be something of interest to you guys perhaps?
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