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Whenever someone asks me the question, "What is the one thing you cannot live without?" my answer will always be music. I was raised by a mother who adores music and constantly listened to The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. In a sense I was even born straight into it as she told me when she was pregnant with me, I used to "dance" around in her belly whenever I heard the Batman theme tune being played loudly. Music is no doubt the biggest part of my life. Every single day I wake up to an upbeat track as my alarm and fall asleep to a soothing soundtrack. The hours between are spent with me blasting it at home or through my earphones on the commute to work. The moments when I'm not listening to music, I'll be playing the piano and transposing my favourite song of the moment. A talent I also picked up from my mum as she's very gifted in that sense and can pick up notes and play them by ear even faster than I'm able to. As someone so obsessed with music it occurred to me that I don't talk about it on my blog nearly often enough, so when I saw this tag on What Olivia Did (originally by Novella Afterglow), I immediately knew I wanted to do it even though it has taken me this long to get around to it, oops. Here goes...

The First Album: Spiceworld - Spice Girls
Gosh I can barely remember anything from this time but I'm certain this was the first album I ever bought and I think I even owned the DVD version. My primary school friends and I used to dress up as the Spice Girls (I was always Ginger Spice because I wanted to wear the Union Jack dress, seems I've been an anglophile from an early age) and put on pretend concerts in the back yard. 

The Long-term Relationship Album: The Alternative - IAMX
It's no secret that my favourite artist is IAMX and this would have to be my favourite album of his and the one that I'm sure will remain, from the first time I listened to it in 2008 until the end of my days. 

Song That Makes Me Happy: Spit It Out - IAMX
Surprise surprise. This is probably my all-time favourite song so listening to it instantly boosts my mood. I remember all the good times I've had with this song playing in the background plus the surreal moments I've been able to experience Chris and his band perform this live in front of me.

Song That Makes Me Want To Dance: Strangers - Sigrid
Recently I've been incapable of cleaning or completing any chore really because every single time I put music on and this song pops up I immediately start dancing around the house like a lunatic.

First Gig: Bonez Tour - Avril Lavigne
Again my memory is hazy but this must have been the first proper concert I went to in 2005 when she played the Challenge Stadium in Perth. I had seats towards the back and I could barely see her but I remember it being full of energy and I had a lot of fun. I absolutely idolised Avril as a teen, she's probably the one responsible for my scene kid days.

Song I Wish I'd Written: Unstoppable - Sia
This is my ultimate power anthem. The lyrics have a quiet strength and a tinge of vulnerability behind them which really resonates with me and I wrote songs I'd be proud to showcase something like this and inspire others to be unstoppable too.

Song That Reminds Me Of Being A Teen: Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
My best friend and I loved listening to Franz Ferdinand during our high school years and their first album accompanied us on many of our holidays whether it be sitting by the river with a portable stereo or road trips and jamming along in the car. Take Me Out particularly comes to mind out of the whole album because it was the most popular single and would also come on in public places like shops and cafes, much to my friend's and my excitement.

Sweatiest Gig: Placebo at Soundwave Festival 2010
Soundwave was our annual punk and rock festival when I lived in Australia and that year the Perth date happened to land on the hottest day of summer. Placebo also had a midday slot. Goodness gracious, I still remember the sting of the sun, the stickiness of my skin (eewww) and the parched feeling in my throat. It was worth it though and I immediately took cover after their set finished.

Best Gig: IAMX
I've been to four of his shows (five in March eeeeeep) but I'd have to go with one from the Everything Is Burning tour in 2016. I went to both the Lille and London dates but I'm going to say the best one was Lille because that was the first date I went to and I was really surprised he sang Insomnia, which is my favourite song off Metanoia but one that I thought would be way too personal to ever perform live for us. It was such a wondrous moment to behold and I was in tears. 

Song That Remind Me Of Home: Time - Hans Zimmer
I've moved around so much that I don't associate any particular place as "home" but this is my favourite track from my favourite film and watching Inception to me feels like returning home wherever I may be.

Least Favourite Song: You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
I'm not a fan of anything Taylor has ever come out with period but this song in particular was so overplayed after it was released and the country twang of the chorus annoys me to no end.

Ultimate Desert Island Disc: The Shape of Water OST - Alexander Desplat
I'd probably have brought my favourite album of all time because a) I'd never get bored of it and b) it'd be the last thing I heard before I perished (morbid I know) but I didn't want to make this boring and mention another IAMX offering so I'm gonna go with a soundtrack. A well loved one at the moment (and I'm sure will be forever) and also because Desplat's score is quite soothing, romantic, and relaxing. It can lull me to sleep and compliment the sound of the waves.

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