Sunday, 25 February 2018


The other day I was thinking that the one thing I'd miss about winter is being able to wear the chunkiest and coziest jumpers. Resembling a (cute) human blob or pairing them with tighter bottoms and doing that nonchalant front tuck that doesn't necessarily achieve anything except looking more "fashurn baybayy... oh but I didn't really try". Out of all the wonderful jumper varieties, not many can beat a vintage fairisle number like this one, which also boasts an autumnal colour combination that I'd gladly wear all year round. I decided to pull out the berry tone with these matching kick flares that were in the Topshop sale for £10.

This will be a short (but hopefully sweet) outfit post as I'm feeling a little burnt out after BAFTAs and stupidly forgot to prepare blog posts to schedule. I was about to beat myself up for not writing a think piece but try as I might, my brain just won't churn out anything worthwhile at the time being. Instead it just keeps running over things that I need to pack (I'm off to Dublin tomorrow) and feeling dread at the impending snow as the last time I slipped and dislocated my knee, it seems to have left me with some subconscious trauma. Anyway, do you mind this kind of "old school Andini" outfit post if it means I can keep posting regularly or would you prefer a more fleshed out topic of writing accompanying photos which in turn might come out at longer intervals if I happen to be busier (ahh the downsides of not being a full-time blogger)? Let me knowwww.

Vintage jumper / Topshop trousers / River Island beret / Converse trainers

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