Sunday, 1 April 2018


The exterior of St. Pancras hotel and station reminds me of Hogwarts and from the photos I've seen, the interior is pretty magical too. I'm thinking of planning a staycation in the near future, mainly so I can fully utilise their grand staircase for a shoot. It's funny that all these years living in London, I've never thought to stay in a hotel. City breaks should be just as revitalising as travelling for holidays and would be much cheaper to plan too so yes I'm thinking my first ever staycation is on the cards. In the meantime I definitely wanted to shoot a look outside the hotel so here it is. 

Two things you may or may not know about these photos: 
1) We shot them in record time before the Ready Player One premiere (you might remember this outfit from my insta stories) which meant after grabbing a wristband, we legged it to St. Pancras from Leicester Square and back again before they opened the pens. It was a little risky but I'm glad everything worked out in the end. I felt super productive that day and I met Ben Mendelsohn. Winning at life am I right? 
2) It was the windiest day in existence which meant not only was I freezing (check out those red hands), it was also difficult to pose when my jumper and hair were billowing about (not in a graceful way either, think wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman).

Behind the scenes context aside, after much deliberation on whether or not it would be a good idea for me to add yet another striped jumper to my collection, this H&M one won the debate with it's rather unusual colour combination. That pop of mint is just genius I tell ya.  The bag I spotted on instagram and at first I mistook it for the ChloΓ© Nile, which you probably know the usual suspect story by now, I'd been eyeing up but just don't have the budget for a designer bag right now, plus the hoop detail albeit seemingly avante garde and cool, is something that I predict will not stand the test of time and trends. Well this inspired look-a-like was only £15, yes take a moment to scoop your jaw back up from the floor. It seems like they do a variety of other designer inspired bags too, so I feel like I've stumbled upon a goldmine.

I've just flown back from my second trip to Dublin and I'm pleased to report that everything went smoothly and I didn't let my previous experience taint this one in any way, shape or form. I made the trip because I had tickets to see Cillian Murphy's latest play, Grief Is The Thing With Feathers which I can give a vague spoiler right now that it was absolutely amazing. I'm planning to write a little review post because I'd love to share my thoughts on it and I haven't talked about theatre in a hot minute on here. We also did a day tour around the Irish countryside the day after the play and I took tonnes of photos so definitely look out for a post on that too. Anyway even though it's Sunday, I always feel like I have so many things waiting to be done after a holiday, does anyone else get that? I'm itching to start my tremendous to-do list but might just give myself an extra day off. It's Easter after all! Hope you guys all have a good'un!

H&M jumper / ASOS boots / River Island beret / Miss Pap bag / Missoma x Lucy Williams necklace

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