Sunday, 15 April 2018


Wakanda forever?

This is nowhere near how I'd usually dress but if you couldn't already tell, this look was heavily inspired by Erik Killmonger's "museum" outfit  in Black Panther because, regardless if you fancy Michael B Jordan or not, I think we can all universally agree that it was A LOOK™. I added a pink skirt to make the ensemble slightly more feminine and more "me" though I swear I've been seeing so many guys rocking the shearling denim jacket and black jeans combo (yesterday alone I spotted three on my commute) and I'm uncertain whether everyone's taking inspiration from Killmonger or I'm just noticing this particular outfit pairing more post-Killmonger. Regardless, I felt pretty cool walking around like this all day and have decided I should put my hair up in a high pony and wear denim jackets more often. Have you ever taken style inspo from menswear?

In other news, I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow! This is going to be my first time visiting but I've always wanted to, and my friend Winkey has been pestering me for ages because her parents live there. We decided to make a short holiday out of it along with our other friend as she's finally got a few days off. She works so hard all the time so it's a lovely prospect to spend a week exploring together. Winkey knows Amsterdam and the surrounding area quite well so she's going to be our official tour guide. Thanks so much to everyone who's already messaged me their recommendations of places to eat and see there as well, I've noted everything down and hopefully be able to stop by them all. I'm excited to see the canals and tulips amongst all the other beautiful locations I'm sure we'll find, and looking forward to shooting some different photos for this blog. Hoping the weather cooperates whilst we're there. I'm also planning to vlog too so basically, look out for plenty of Amsterdam content coming soon!

Topshop jacket / ASOS t-shirt / Topshop skirt / ASOS glasses / Topshop boots / Missoma x Lucy Williams necklace

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