Sunday, 22 April 2018


Back to Dublin for this outfit post, this is what I wore to watch Grief Is The Thing With Feathers as well as to explore the city the entire day beforehand. With all the travelling I've been doing lately (which is a rather new concept to be honest, before this I literally hadn't left London for around two years), I've been trying to master an outfit formula that allows me to feel stylish yet still be comfortable enough to walk around in all day and take me through different phases of outdoor weather. It still needs fine-tuning but so far the real game changer for me are the shoes. As a real shoe lover and hoarder, it was initially quite difficult for me to pack light with them but it's just not practical for me to wear heels or platforms when there's a chance I'm going to be on my feet for long periods of time or walking over uneven surfaces. To each their own but I guess I'm just super clumsy and have never been great at walking in heels so I've fallen over plenty of times and a swollen knee or twisted ankle is the last thing you'd want to acquire on a holiday. Even cute and feminine flats I find don't give enough arch support and cushion after a while and hurts your feet to walk over cobblestones. Luckily, trainers are in resurgence at the moment with designers such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga penning the comeback with fresh and eye-catching styles. Whether it be the Nike Cortez or old school Vans injecting a Stranger Things 80s touch to your street style or ditching your ballet flats and pairing your floaty summer dresses with clean white Stan Smiths, there's a sneaker for every outfit at the moment. My Dublin trip was short and sweet so I didn't pack any shoes and wore these pink high top converse to the airport. I styled them differently for all three days that we were there and found them versatile enough to finish off a smarter outfit such as this one as well as a more casual one. I always love getting trainers or any form of chunkier shoe/boot in a pink shade too, that juxtaposition of a typically feminine shade in a masculine shape is just my favourite.

Another travel handy fashion item I have discovered is the plissรฉ trouser/skirt. It's one of those materials that won't get creased no matter how you throw it in your suitcase, it's stretchy plus the ridges will hide any lumps or bumps. Basically it is the best material ever! For example these Topshop plaid trousers are pull on and completely elastic all over, though they give off a much smarter vibe more akin to a tailored pair rather than let's say tracksuit bottoms. Comfortwise, wearing them feels exactly the same as wearing trackies though. Winning! The final piece in my formula is a beret. Probably not as suitable come the middle of summer but for now, berets are much easier to pack than hats, they barely take up any room in your luggage so you could bring a variety of colours really. The beret will disguise bad hair days (I don't even travel with a heat styling tool anymore), roots and unwashed hair as well as add a cute Parisian touch to any look. I feel like with this formula I've become a much savvier packer. I used to tend to overpack and then end up not wearing half of the items I brought with me but now I make sure to plan out all my outfits for however many days I will be away in advance so that I definitely pack what I will wear. Crossing over certain pieces so that they feature as part of an outfit more than once on a trip is also something I'm trying to get better at. As you can imagine this is a lot more difficult as someone who documents her OOTDs but I firmly believe with the right styling, everything can look new and fresh so I've been practising this mindset as much as I can. My travel outfit formula for Dublin was a success and now I'm currently in the middle of my slightly longer Amsterdam break so shall report back here with how that goes once I return. In the meantime you could  have a look at my instagram for a sneak peek at my outfits (we've been struck with a heatwave here so it's been a bit of a shocking change to say the least)!

Sandro jumper / Topshop trousers / River Island beret / Converse trainers

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