Sunday, 27 May 2018


"A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes." - A Dance With Dragons

A lot of people assume my love for lemon print stems from the fact that my favourite female literary character Sansa Stark has an affinity for lemon cakes. They're not entirely wrong but actually the main reason behind my lemony obsession is my mum. Truthfully, I'm not the biggest fan of the flavour or smell of the fruit but my mum being quite the health enthusiast that she is, swears by drinking a warm mug of lemon water every morning to naturally aid your digestion for the rest of the day. She's practically been doing this since before I was born and when I grew up she encouraged me to do the same. Admittedly I'm not yet as disciplined as her (she's never skipped a morning and even has to have lemons stocked in her hotel room when travelling) but everything about the yellow citrus (including the fragrance) reminds me of her. It's become such an intrinsic part of my mum that most of her friends and family either have her listed as "Lemons" or "Auntie Lemons" on their mobile devices, haha. 

These two factors have developed the safe and happy feeling I get whenever I wear anything with a lemon on it, and thankfully this print is still going strong after it's major appearance in Dolce & Gabbana's Summer 2016 Orange County collection. I feel like it's such a fresh (no pun intended) vibe for the warmer weather and each year I find a new lemon item of clothing squeezes (ok stop it Andini) its way into my over-packed wardrobe. This summer it comes in the form of this cute and comfy bardot dress that ASOS now stock in a myriad of different prints (for just £18 each) if lemons aren't really your thing. 

ASOS dress / Cult Gaia bag / Miu Miu shoes

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